1. Corrections

    See the different aspects and components of the Department of Corrections.

  2. Emergency Services

    Learn more about the Department of Emergency Services and the vital services it provides to residents.

  3. Finance

    Learn how the Finance Office helps to promote transparency and ensure the accountability of public spending.

  4. Human Resources

    Discover why Caroline County is a great place to work and what employment opportunities are available.

  5. Information Technology

    Learn about the services provided by the Department of Information Technology.

  6. Office of Law

    Learn about the role of the County Attorney and the services provided by the Office of Law.

  7. Planning & Codes

    Access information on the role of the Department of Planning and Codes in land use planning, zoning, building codes, and permits.

  8. Public Works

    Get information about Public Works services like roads and bridges, snow removal, trash, and recycling.

  9. Purchasing & Procurement

    View useful information about doing business with Caroline County Government.

  10. Recreation & Parks

    Browse through the various services, programs, and facilities that are a part of the Department of Recreation and Parks.

  11. Tax Office

    Get information about property taxes, tax credits, tax sales, and other related services.