Humane Society Board of Directors

  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Third Thursday of each month
  • Health & Public Services Building, Denton, MD
All meetings are posted on the Caroline County Humane Society online resource.

Name Role Type Term Term
Tracy Brinckerhoff Member Elected First 2013 2015
Bob Chapel Member Elected First 2013 2015
Connie Cook Vice President Elected Second 2011 2015
Craig Crotts Member Elected First 2012 2014
Karen Culotta Member Elected First 2013 2015
Bonnie Johnson Member Elected Second 2011 2015
Karen Kilheffer Member Elected Second 2011 2015
Mary Newcomb  President Elected First 2013 2015
Jonathon Powers  Member Elected Second 2011 2015
Kate Rattie Treasurer Elected First 2013 2015
Joanne Shipley Secretary Elected Second 2011 2013


The Board shall be comprised of no more than 15 but not less than seven members. The members shall be elected at annual meetings by the active members of the Board.

Term of Office
Members shall serve for terms of two years each.

The active members of the Board will elect the new members of the Board from a list provided by the Nominating Committee 10 days prior to the annual meeting.

Charge / Authority
The Board shall have control of, and be responsible for, the management of the affairs and property of the Humane Society. The Board shall have the power to do, or require to be done, everything deemed necessary or expedient for the promotion of the welfare of the Society.