Development Review

  1. Minor Subdivision

    Learn more about the minor subdivision process.

  2. Major Subdivisions

    Find out about what the county would designate as a Major Subdivision.

  3. Addition Plat

    Obtain information on the process for making lot line revisions or additions.

  4. Site Plans

    Learn how to get your site plan reviewed.

  5. Erosion & Sediment Control

    Use this information on how erosion and sediment control is practiced in Caroline County.

  6. Forest Management

    Seek information relating to how the county is protecting its forests.

  7. Stormwater Management

    Look through information on how the county controls stormwater runoff.

  8. Floodplain Management

    Stay up to date on information regarding the floodplains in the county.

  9. Critical Areas Program

    Read about how the county is protecting critical areas.

  10. Agricultural Preservation

    Check out how Caroline County is protecting its agricultural land.