Burial Sites Preservation Board


The Board shall meet at least twice a year. Meeting are held in the Caroline County District Court at 207 South Seventh Street, Denton, Maryland 21629


Name Role Type Term Term
Jean Kelly Member Citizen Third 6/1/06 6/1/18
Jim Lewis Member Citizen First  8/9/16 8/8/20
Jeff Porter Member Citizen First 9/30/14  6/1/19
Chip Winters Member Citizen Third 6/1/06 6/1/18


The Board shall have a voting membership of not more than nine and not less than three voting members. The Board may appoint an unlimited number of ex-officio advisers. Members must be residents of Caroline County. A Chair and Vice-Chair shall be elected each calendar year. 

Term of Office

Each member shall serve for a term of four years. No member shall serve for more than three consecutive terms.

Candidates will be gathered with dual efforts of the Board Liaison and the Commissioners Office before submitting names for the Commissioners approval.


(Code of Public Local Laws of Caroline County, Maryland §89-4,5)
The Burial Sites Preservation Board shall identify and record the location and ownership of burial sites within Caroline County. They shall respond to complaints of violations of burial site protection laws. They shall recommend guidelines for the maintenance and repair of burial sites.