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Department of Emergency Medical Services

Caroline County EMS Logo

In conjunction with eight volunteer fire companies, the Department of Emergency Medical Services provides emergency medical services to the citizens of Caroline County. The service operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week providing paramedic and basic life support medical services.

The EMS Department augments the basic life support service provided by the eight volunteer fire companies and is the primary provider of emergency paramedical services. The EMS Department manages medical billing and the ambulance subscription program.

Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life by providing Advanced Emergency Services in a responsive manner to the citizens and visitors of our community and to promote a Quality Emergency Medical Services System with Caroline County.

Advanced Life Support

This program provides the most advanced emergency medical treatment to the citizens and visitors of Caroline County. The program operates twenty-four hours a day.


  • Detailed patient assessments
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Administration of 28 medications
  • Diagnostic 12 lead ECG monitoring
  • Stabilization of traumatic injuries
  • External cardiac pacing
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Medical First Aid at large gatherings
  • Transport to appropriate hospital
  • Daily paramedic equipment checks
  • Intravenous fluid administration
  • Defibrillation / Cardioversion
  • Endtidal CO2 monitoring
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Transport to Specialty Centers
  • Administration of AED programs
  • Maintain or reduce 8 minute response time (AHA Standard)
  • Support prevention programs
  • Evaluate the reduction of death and disability by conducting four outcome studies per year
  • Maintain high provider skill level through continuous monitoring
  • Maintain12 lead EKG program to reduce death of heart muscle to entire county
  • Maintain Continuous Positive Airway Pressure program.
  • Implement local jurisdictional treatment programs to increase treatment options for patients

Basic Life Support Enhancement

ALS Unit at Greensboro Fire Company

This program augments the basic life support services provided by the eight volunteer fire companies. This includes Monday through Sunday 5 am until 7 pm on the Denton unit, and on a two day rotational basis on the Federalsburg, Preston, Ridgely, Greensboro, Goldsboro & Marydel units. The EMS Department personnel respond on all requests for emergency medical services in the county. During the enhanced time period, four transport ambulances are staffed with a minimum of two trained technicians.


  • Patient assessments
  • Obtaining vital signs
  • Stabilization of fractures
  • CPR
  • Equipment decontamination
  • Various additional duties
  • Transport to appropriate hospital
  • Ambulance preventive maintenance
  • Control of bleeding
  • Assist with administration of patient meds.
  • Administer Epi Pen in life threatening reactions
  • Daily & weekly ambulance cleaning

  • Provide four transport ambulances to assist the volunteer fire company with reduced failure to respond rate
  • Evaluate, with established quality indicators impact on reducing death and disability
  • Maintain high provider skill level through continuous monitoring and defined standards
  • Prepare billing forms daily for delivery to billing company
  • Monitor patient billing collection rate
  • Facilitate monthly BLS committee meetings
  • Prepare reports for volunteer fire companies and county agencies

Department Administration

Responsible for the overall management and administration of the department.


  • Personnel management
  • Grant administration
  • BLS Enhancement program mgmt.
  • Uniform ordering and maintenance
  • Coordination with Vol. EMS providers
  • Budgeting/Purchasing
  • Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling
  • Computer Technology management
  • Monthly scheduling of personnel
  • Coordination of EMS activities
  • Coordination of continuing education
  • Monthly staff meetings
  • Media relations
  • Quality Improvement Program
  • Infectious Disease Program
  • Public Information and Education Program
  • Sheriff's Department AED manager
  • Quarterly informational newsletter

    Career Day at Ridgely Elementary School

    Career Day at Ridgely Elementary School
  • Improve personnel management through 4 departmental shifts with assigned specific goals
  • Continue to apply and administer grants
  • Search for alternative funding sources
  • Enhance personnel/station computer/technology capability
  • Implement State Funded EMAIS patient recording system
  • Participate in state EMS level committee's such as, but not limited to, Region Four Council, State Provider Review Panel, Jurisdictional Advisory committee
  • Increase Supervisor administrative time to Monday through Friday for additional unit availability and more effective supervision
  • Create ambulance specifications for new ambulance purchase
  • Begin planning stages for EMS stations
  • Appoint Public Information Officer (PIO) and Public Information and Education Relations Officer (PIER)
  • Create effective Special Events program to provide EMS at county events and mass gatherings
  • Create a County Bike Team to assist with the Special Events program
  • Continue increasing inventory of Central Supply to reduce overall supply costs

Other Web Sites of Interest

Maryland Institute for Emergancy Medical Service Systems

Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute

Billing Inquiries: Medical Claim Aid, Inc.

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Caroline County Department of Emergency Medical Services

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