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Office of Human Resources


The Caroline County Office of Human Resources coordinates the county-wide human resource functions and creates a central source of human resources expertise for consistency and efficiency.

Our focus is on recruiting, developing, and retaining our most valuable asset - our county employees.

We provide a variety of human resources-related services to Caroline County departments, agencies, employees, retirees, and the public. Our programs and services support the mission and objectives of the county by attracting, developing, and retaining a skilled and diverse workforce.

Caroline County Code of Ethics  (PDF Document 1.11 MB)

Our Staff

County Administrator - Ken Decker
  • To be the chief administrative officer of the County and, under the general supervision and control of the board of County Commissioners, to be responsible for and handle the day-to-day operations of the County government.
  • To supervise and coordinate the administration of the functions of the several departments and administrative agencies of the County and to carry on the general policies, orders and instructions of the board of County Commissioners in the administration of the public local and other laws applying to the County.

Director of Human Resources - Patricia A. Barton

Patricia A. Barton
Patricia A. Barton

This Position with limited guidance from the County Administrator administers and coordinates policies, programs and operations regarding the management of the personnel function of County Government, provide leadership and counsel in connection with personnel issues, ensure compliance with appropriate governmental and other regulatory and reporting requirements, ensures fairness of hiring and employment.
  • Provides guidance and advice to the Board of County Commissioners and County Administrator with respect to development and application of human resources policies and practices.
  • Reviews, analyzes, and develops policies and procedures addressing human resources recruiting, selection, administration, salary, benefits, performance evaluation, reward, discipline and other areas with the County Administrator for adoption by the County Commissioners.
  • Develops and ensures that all human resources policies, programs, and operations conform to governmental requirements.
  • Applies federal, state, and County laws, regulations and guidelines regarding recruitment, selection, employment, compensation, performance evaluation and termination and conducts periodic audits to ensure such conformance throughout County government.
  • Assures accuracy of County work to meet challenges of strategic Plan and other work plan requirements.
  • Develops and maintains proactive relations, recognition and communications program.
  • Manages evaluates and recommends necessary modifications to County’s employee classification, compensation and benefits programs to ensure a competitive posture with the labor market.
  • Plans, coordinates, supervises and evaluates the performance of employees assigned to the Human Resources Office.
  • Prepares Office of Human Resources annual operating budget and capital budget. Authorizes budgeted expenditures and activities of the Human Resources Department.
  • Coordinates submission of employee data from department managers in regards to personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, probation, and other related matters;
  • Coordinates the County's recruitment efforts including writing job advertisements and insures EEO compliance;
  • Prepares legally mandated personnel-related quarterly and annual reports;

Personnel and Benefits Coordinator - Sherry A. Bratton

Sherry A. Bratton
Sherry A. Bratton
  • Processes payroll biweekly;
  • Monitors departmental personnel records such as attendance, vacation, holiday and sick leave;
  • Coordinates payroll activities including deductions, withholdings and direct deposits and pay differentials;
  • Coordinates personnel budget records including verification and preparation;
  • Serves as secretary/assistant to the Personnel Review Board.
  • Answers specific questions from employees regarding payroll and deductions;Coordinates the various benefits
  • Completes pension forms for elected officials and verifies salary data.
  • Verify all payroll taxes quarterly to ADP's filings.
  • Provides support to Director with the day-to-day office operations of Human Resources.

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Caroline County Commissioners
Office of Human Resources

109 Market Street (County Courthouse)
Room 123
Denton, Maryland 21629
Phone: 410.479.4105
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