109 Market Street, Room 106, Denton, Maryland



AUGUST 13, 2013


Present:  President Wilbur Levengood, Jr.; Vice President Jefferson L. Ghrist; Member Larry C. Porter; County Administrator Ken Decker; Chief of Staff Sara Visintainer


Invocation by Reverend Doug Morley, Bethel Wesleyan Church, Goldsboro and Pledge of Allegiance


President Levengood called for public comments, and there were none.


Legislative session: Third Reading of Ordinance #2013-1, Official Zoning District Maps of 2013 and Discussion of Public Hearing Testimony. (see Legislative session)


Proclamation of August 16-18, 2013 as Caroline Summerfest Days was read into the record by Sue Simmons, Director, Department of Recreation and Parks, and declared unanimously on motion by Mr. Porter, seconded by Mr. Ghrist.  The Commissioners also reviewed the Summerfest schedule of events. 


Action Agenda:

·         The open and closed session minutes of July 30, 2013 were approved by unanimous consent;

·         The Lease Renewal for the Department of Emergency Services Office space was approved by unanimous consent;

·         The Employment Agreement for Mary Berneski, Part-time Public Safety Dispatcher, was approved by unanimous consent;

·         The Memorandum of Understanding with the Circuit Court and the Caroline County Health Department  for the Drug Court Program was authorized by unanimous consent;

·         The Letter of Commendation to Jeff Wright for recently demonstrating civic pride in the Town of Denton was authorized by unanimous consent;

·         The Certification for Cooperative Local-State Library Aid Programs was approved by unanimous consent;

·         The Request for Use of the Courthouse Green for an annual youth event was granted by unanimous consent;

·         The Construction Contract with Dissen and Juhn for improvements to Ganey’s Wharf was authorized by unanimous consent;

·         Purchase Order #60322 to Dissen and Juhn, in the amount of $215,645 for improvements to Ganey’s Wharf was authorized by unanimous consent;

·         The Letters of Re-appointment to Bob Willey, Berl Lovelace, and Sonny Callahan to the Ethics Commission were authorized by unanimous consent;

·         The Joint Federal/State Application for the Alteration of Floodplain, Waterway, Tidal or Nontidal Wetland for Garland Road Bridge Replacement was authorized by unanimous consent;

·         The County Road Right-of-Way Easement Agreement for Holly Road was authorized by unanimous consent; and

·         The Request for Permission to Apply for Entry Level Training Grant for the Sheriff’s Office from the Local Government Insurance Trust was authorized by unanimous consent.


County Attorney’s report: Ms. Price stated that she provided legal review for several of the items on the agenda, as well as:

·         The Annual Audit Letter for the Library;

·         The Memorandum of Understanding with the Drug Court;

·         Subscription Services Contract and Lease Renewal with Verizon;

·         Disposition of Tennant Property request;

·         Public Information request related to the Hillsboro Boat ramp;

·         Drafted the Maryland Environmental Services proposal; and

·         A contract with the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems and Medical Claim Aid. 


County Administrator’s report:

  • The kitchen in the Detention Center is open and serving hot meals;
  • Next scheduled repair at the Detention Center is a sliding door, as well as some window replacements;
  • The Jonestown Water System project is in the final stretch, water rate letter has been sent to residents;
  • Rick Barton has given his resignation as Executive Director at the Caroline Humane Society.  The Board is working on finding his replacement;
  • He has drafted an op-ed regarding a wealth-based funding formula for Chesapeake College partner counties, based on the K-12 formula currently used by the Board of Education, which makes funding proportionate to the counties’ wealth statistics.  The Commissioners expressed general support of the concept;
  • He distributed his draft response to the Town of Denton’s letter regarding their unhappiness with the differential formula, which the Commissioners concurred with and authorized sending;
  • The letter from Kevin Brooks, Executive Director of the MRDC was received, which expressed his disappointment over the County’s decision to abide by the terms of the lease and not agree to a higher monthly lease rate to fund the roof repairs.  The MRDC Board will meet and provide further direction.  The County will submit an official request to the USDA for financial statements detailing remaining balances owed, which is public information; and
  • Delmarva Community Transit has informed him that details on the impact to their programs/services should the County opt to close the Denton facility cannot be provided until their own questions are answered first.  The Commissioners agreed to schedule a meeting with representatives from DCT, Upper Shore Aging, and the Health Department to discuss options and the most cost effective ways to deliver medical transportation.


Commissioners’ comments:

·         Mr. Porter inquired about a former tire recycling program sponsored by the State and held at the Hobbs landfill, and was informed that Maryland Environmental Service is working with the State to organize a Tire Amnesty Program, possibly for this fall;

·         Mr. Porter also stated that he participated in the Marty Gangemi Memorial Golf Tournament and Fundraiser, which was a big success;

·         Mr. Ghrist stated that he met with members of the Fraternal Order of Police; and

·         President Levengood stated that he plans to attend the Maryland Association of Counties Summer Conference later in the week.


The Commissioners took a moment to coordinate their upcoming schedules and invitations lists.


President Levengood called for public comment and Harry Cole, Denton, stated that he hoped the Commissioners and the Denton Town Council could find a way to work through their difference amicably, for the sake of the Denton residents.


At 11:00 a.m., following a brief recess, and on motion by Mr. Porter, seconded by Mr. Ghrist, the Commissioners unanimously adjourned regular session and convened in Closed session for the following purpose: Legal Advice Regarding Office of Law Projects; under the authority of 2009 Maryland Code, State Government 10-508(a)(7); with the Commissioners; Amy Kreiner, Minutes Recorder; Ken Decker, County Administrator; Sara Visintainer, Chief of Staff; and Heather Price, County Attorney, in attendance.


President’s report:  President Levengood stated that during the closed session, the Commissioners received legal advice regarding the bonds and other matters.  The Commissioners also provided direction regarding a pending request for legal services.


There being no further business, the Commissioners adjourned their meeting at 11:47 a.m.




                                                                                                         Amy L. Kreiner

                      Caroline County Minutes Recorder