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Department of Public Works

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The Caroline County Department of Public Works is a goal-oriented organization for a variety of County services. These services include Administration, Central Shop, Roads, and Special Services. Special Services consists of Mosquito Control, Noxious Weed Control, Gypsy Moth Control, Recycling, Building Maintenance, and Solid Waste.

Source of Funds

Funding for this department comes from a variety of sources. Fees for services help fund the Central Shop and Special Services programs: Noxious Weed Control, Mosquito Control, and Gypsy Moth Control. State funds also contribute to Special Service programs to include Recycling. State revenues fund the Roads programs. Federal funds contribute to Roads, the Central Shop and Administration. County tax revenues fund these Special Services programs: Building Maintenance and Solid Waste.

Distribution of Funds

Road building and maintenance take up almost half of our budget (46%) with Special Services taking 31%, Central Shop 16%, and Administration 7%.

Department Divisions


The mission of the Administration Division is to provide the citizens with quality, courteous, and cost-effective service. This division provides administrative and clerical support to all divisions within Public Works. It excels in prioritizing objectives to reach quantifiable goals.

The Administration Division maintains a record of requests and services provided by all divisions. The division handled 1,523 service requests in 2006.

The Central Shop provides the County with cost-effective fuels, maintenance, and repairs to its vehicles and equipment. The Central Shop is now operating a preventative maintenance plan, and we are looking for and developing new strategies in this field.

Central Shop maintains and keeps service records for 12 agencies and fuel records for 28 agencies. Billing for fuel, repairs, and labor are generated from Central Shop as well as monthly fuel reports for State required taxes. Central Shop also schedules and keeps records on outside repairs and warranty work. Central Shop will be updating its record keeping with a new Fleet Management package and new computer equipment. Central Shop responsibilities also include capital purchases, and titling and licensing of the purchased vehicles.

The Roads Division must supply a quality road and bridge system to meet the needs of the traveling public. The Division is committed to doing this in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. For Roads Board Minutes Please Click Here

There are 481 miles of roadway in the system; 399 miles are paved. This budget reflects a change in focus. The paved and gravel roads will be pursued by making advancements in standard changes. We replace bridges with the most modern design, build roads to established standards, and install signs and highway markings for safe passage on Caroline County roadways.

The Roads Division is committed to maintaining the roads infrastructure. This includes widening and surfacing unpaved roadways. As funds are available, roads with an average daily traffic count of 1,000 per day will be considered for hotmix overlay, and the replacement of several restricted bridges.

The Division will address high shoulders on the surfaced roadways to allow water to flow off. Roads personnel will reclaim Mason Branch Road, from MD 312 to Sparks Road. Forty miles of gravel dirt road overlays and improvements are also in the five year plan. 200 miles of paved roads will be retreated.

Several improvement projects throughout the County that involve pipes, ditches, and guardrails will be done. Improvements made by a safety study of the entire roads system will be performed. We will address approximately 900 service requests a year.

The Special Services Division provides the public with a variety of services: solid waste and recycling trash disposal programs, animal control, insect control, and noxious weed control. This division is also responsible for maintaining the County's buildings.

The Special Services Division is funded through general funds, fees, and State funds. Its programs include:

Building Maintenance operates with one full time and one part time employee. This program helps reduce building maintenance costs that otherwise would be contracted.

moth The Gypsy Moth Program, in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, monitors the woodlands of Caroline County for infestations of this forest pest. At such times that control measures are warranted, the county has in place a program to deal with the needs and concerns of those citizens affected.

misquito The Mosquito Control Program, with technical support from Maryland Department of Agriculture, provides our citizens a safe and economical means of controlling mosquitoes throughout Caroline County. This program annually through the adulticide spraying alone serves an average of 265 private residents along with five towns and five public parks. Many acres of standing water, which is prime mosquito breeding habitat, are treated every spring to reduce the adult mosquito population. Annual revenue from spraying is consistently $20,000, which helps make this a self-supported program.

recycle symbol The Solid Waste Division has been upgrading equipment to handle the increasing amount of household waste and recyclables produced in Caroline County.

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Caroline County Department of Public Works

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