Site Plans

Certain development applications, as specified in the Zoning Ordinance require site plan review. A site plan is a land use plan showing all elements of a proposed development. The review process determines whether each structure and use is compatible with existing and proposed adjacent development.

The department may receive input from the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

The department will prepare written comments and recommendations that are presented to the TAC on the proposed site plan.
Among the relevant issues that could be the subject of written comments are: 
  • Compatibility of the proposed site plan with existing and proposed adjacent development
  • The environmental effects of the proposed site plan
  • Vehicular access and circulation
  • Conformance to development standards, such as setbacks, height, bulk and scale
  • Master plan recommendations and guidelines for the site
  • Adequacy of open space, recreation and conservation areas
In addition to any site plan submission requirements, proposed development in the critical area shall require the submission, review and approval of site plans, management plans and mitigation plans in accordance with State Critical Area Laws.
Site plans shall be prepared and submitted over the certification of a registered professional engineer, architect, landscape architect or land surveyor, as appropriate.

For more detailed information about the site plan approval process, please contact Matt Kaczynski at 410-479-8100.

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