Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors


  • 8 p.m.
  • Third Tuesday of every month or in special session as the need arises
  • District Office
    9194 Legion Road
    Suite 3
    Denton, MD 21629 
  • Meetings are open to the public unless closed under an applicable exception as stated in the Maryland Open Meetings Act (State Government article, §10-508).


David Harris
Farm Bureau RepresentativeThird2/10/992/10/24
George Landis
MemberExtension Service
Gregory TurnerTreasurerState Soil Conservation Second 2/10/202/10/25
D. Wheatley Neal
Chairman Ex-Officio N/A
Jefferson TowersVice-Chairman


There are five members, one appointed by the County Commissioners, four of which are appointed by the State Soil Conservation Committee from the residents of the district. Of the four, one is appointed from a list submitted by the County Farm Bureau, one is appointed from a list submitted by the County Extension Service, and two represent the district at large.

Term of Office

The terms of the four members who are not appointed by the County Commissioners are for 5 years. New terms commence and terminate in February. An indefinite number of consecutive terms may be served.

Charge / Authority

(Maryland Annotated Code; Agriculture; §8-3)
The Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors shall research, develop, plan, and install conservation practices to manage soil erosion, sedimentation, and flooding. They shall manage animal wastes, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals to protect farmland and water quality. They shall publish the plans and information and bring them to the attention of district residents.