Social Services Board

  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Third Monday of every month or in special session as the need arises
  • Multi-Service Center
    Third and Franklin Streets
    Denton, MD 21629 


Name Role Type Term Term
Tina-Marie Brown
Vice Chair
County Representative
Wayne Allen Cole
Member County Representative First 3/12/13 3/12/16
Kimberly Ann Cutchin
Member County Representative Second 12/8/09 12/8/15
Jefferson Ghrist Ex-Officio CC Commissioner Representative N/A N/A N/A
Karen McGee
Member County Representative First 3/20/12 6/30/15
Jeffrey Porter
Member County Representative Second 11/9/10 11/9/16
Monique Rich
Member County Representative First 11/26/13 11/26/16
Stephen Stouffer
Member County Representative Second 12/8/09 12/8/15
Juanita Webster Chairman County Representative Second 12/8/09 12/8/15
James Wilkison Member County Representative Remainder of a term 1/1/14 12/8/15

There are nine members, including a County Commissioner, appointed by the County Commissioners. Candidates shall have a high degree of interest, capacity, and objectivity, and who in the aggregate give a countywide representative character to the Board. The Board selects its own Chair.


Candidates will be gathered with dual efforts of the Board Liaison and the County Commissioners office before submitting names for the Commissioners approval. 

Term of Office
The term is for 3 years and will normally expire on June 30. There is a limit of two terms, but after one year, a member may serve again.

Charge / Authority
(Maryland Annotated Code, Human Services, § 3-501 to § 3-503)
The Caroline County Board of Social Services shall complete the following tasks:
  • Advise the local and state director regarding policy application
  • Be well informed about the department’s activities and communicate this information to the public
  • Establish and maintain effective liaison with the County Commissioners
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the departmental budget
  • Review periodic departmental evaluation and work with the director regarding their implementation
  • Work with the director in developing new services as needed