Administrative Charging Committee

Members TermTerm End Date 
John Barlett First 06/30/2026
Greg Turnell First 02/20/2027
Vadim Stakeeff First 02/20/2027
Tina HohensteinFirst 02/21/2027
Jeffrey Martin First 02/21/2027

The Administrative Charging Committee shall:

  1. Meet not less than once per month, and additionally as needed;
  2. Adopt rules of procedure and conduct for hearings that provide procedural and substantive due process, which may be amended from time to time as a majority of the ACC may deem necessary and appropriate;
  3. Review the findings of a LEA’s investigation conducted and forwarded to the ACC in accordance with State law;
  4. Make a determination that the police officer who is subject to investigation shall be:
    1. Administratively charged; or
    2. Not administratively charged;
  5. If the police officer is charged, recommend discipline in accordance with the LEA’s disciplinary matrix established in accordance with Md. Ann. Code, Public Safety Art., §3–105 and §3–106;
  6. Review any body camera or other video footage that may be relevant to the matters covered in the complaint of misconduct;
  7. Authorize a police officer called to appear before the ACC to be accompanied by a representative; 
  8. Issue a written opinion that describes in detail its findings, determinations, and recommendations; and
  9. Forward the written opinion to the chief of the LEA, the police officer, and the complainant

How Many Member Will Be on The Administrative Charging Committee? 

  1. The ACC consists of 5 members ( The Chair of PAB, 2 civilian members selected by the PAB, and 2 civilian members selected by the Chief Executive Officer of the County.

How Do I Apply to be on the ACC? 

Applicants should fill out a statement of interest on the County Government website or send a resume and a brief letter explaining why they want to serve on the Board to Kaleigh Leager either by email to or by mail to: Caroline County Commissioners, 109 Market Street, Room 123, Denton, MD 21629, Attn: Kaleigh Leager.