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County Commissioners Office

  1. Five Commissioner Input Survey
  2. Public Comment - Virtual Commissioners Meetings

    Use this form to submit comments for the "public comment" section of the weekly County Commissioners meetings while the meetings are... More…

  3. Testimony Regarding Pending Legislation
  1. General Request / Concern

    Submit a general request or concern to the County Commissioners Office.

  2. Submit Event to Tourism Online Calendar


  1. Admin Email Form
  2. Budget Hearing Testimony Form

    Form to submit written testimony on the elements of the FY2021 operating and capital budgets, including expenditures, revenues and tax... More…

  3. Department of Corrections Email Form
  4. HR Email Form
  5. Jenn Farina Email Form
  6. Larry Porter Email Form
  7. Planning & Codes Boards
  8. Purchasing & Procurement Email Form
  9. Tax Office Email Form
  1. Booking/Meeting Email Form
  2. Dan Franklin Email Form
  3. Finance Office Email Form
  4. IT Office Email Form
  5. Jeremy Goldman Email Form
  6. Law Office Email Form
  7. Planning & Codes Email Form
  8. Sara Visintainer Email Form
  9. Wilbur Levengood Email Form

Emergency Services

  1. Ambulance Subscription Plan
  1. SARA Title III Release Report

    SARA TITLE III SECTION 304 RELEASES REPORTING Section 304 of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) mandates that a... More…


  1. Budget Allocation Request Form

    This form is for agencies, community organizations, and non-profits to request funds from the County budget. The County does not make... More…

Human Resources

  1. HR Application Form
  1. Questions / Comments

    Submit any questions or comments you may have to the Human Resources Department.

Purchasing & Procurement

  1. Vendor Registry

    Complete this form to be included on the County's Vendor Registry.